The Yachty Social specializes in creating bespoke adventure vacations while incorporating a sailing experience.


Our aim is to evolve with current and future advancements within this exciting market, while making new developments in the global touring industry.


With a combined travel knowledge of almost 30 years in addition to 60 countries under our belt, we believe our experience in networking, tourism, events, and hospitality will be the next boom for bespoke vacations.

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Slay The Sickness

Slay The Sickness

Personally, I’ve never felt sea sickness, but I hear it’s awful! Basically it’s like having the flu… on a boat.

There are a lot of factors that lead to this waviness; being in control can help your body feel as though it’s taking control of itself. (If possible) Ask your skipper to give you a quick sailing lesson! Maybe you can relate it to driving a car, or holding an enjoyable conversation. If you are aware that you’re prone, make sure you watch what you eat & drink. Maybe eat lighter, not fried, foods. There may come a time where the symptoms may worsen, if this is the case, head to the lowest, most-centered deck of the ship. When you decide to be ballsy, walk back outside and fix your gaze on the horizon; this will help your sensory systems to realign! If all else fails, make sure you’ve packed some anti-nausea meds… No, you’re not a quitter if you want to medicate 😉

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