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5 Friends You Need to Bring When Chartering a Yacht in Cartagena

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5 Friends You Need to Bring When Chartering a Yacht in Cartagena

With Cartagena’s year-round tropical weather and crystal clear Caribbean water, it is the perfect place to host a party. A private party yacht rental in Cartagena provides you with the perfect opportunity to unwind and mingle with your friends. You can sit back, relax, and bond with them while a professional crew will take care of everything. However, before the fun starts, you should consider the list of people you want to invite.

Deciding a list of invitees will help you determine what kind of yacht rental in Cartagena is the best for you. Moreover, if you want your yacht party to be wild and crazy, then be sure to invite friends who can live up to that.

5 Types of Friends to Bring When Chartering a Yacht in Cartagena

  • The Adventurist

A party yacht rental in Cartagena offers you the freedom to customize your sailing experience to include various water sports activities such as snorkeling, sea diving, and sea kayaking. With your adventurous friend, you can try new things and explore the beautiful Caribbean sea with renewed enthusiasm. This friend will encourage you to take risks and expand your horizon. Whether it is exploring the diverse marine life of Caribbean water or visiting nearby islands, a push is all you need to make unforgettable memories. 

  • The Goofball

This is that person who has a never-ending list of jokes and is always down for a good time! You should invite them because they are the life of the party and spread cheer wherever they go. On your private yacht rental in Cartagena, you can spend time with them, blast some music, and dance all you want without any interruptions.

  • The Chill Friend


If you have that friend who brings peace and tranquillity whenever you talk to them, you should invite them to your yacht party. Having a calm and collected friend with you on your yacht rental in Cartagena will help you organize everything and ensure that things go with the flow. Spending time with them will help you to spend a more positive and relaxed time onboard. Relieve your stress away from the city crowd and enjoy the peaceful waves of the sea with your crew on your private yacht rental in Cartagena.

  • The Foodie

Bro out in Cartagena

Food is a focal point at any party. However, not all of your friends can make smart and wise suggestions when it comes to menu selection. This friend is the one who unabashedly shares your love for food and fills your world with sunshine, calories, and lots of love. Party yacht rental in Cartagena provides you with gourmet food that you can enjoy at your fingertips against the stunning backdrop of the sea. They will make your yacht sailing experience more entertaining with exotic flavor and fresh sea-food to treat your taste buds.

  • The Perfectionist

This friend of yours may be picky but is ultimately your savior. With their help, you can get every detail right and ensure that everything is in order. They may be perfectionists, but with the right people, they become the best company. Right from sending out invitations to consulting with your yacht rental specialist in Cartagena, they will make sure that your yacht sailing experience is unforgettable.

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At Yachty Social, we have a dedicated professional crew who will make sure that your yacht sailing experience is one-of-a-kind and is remembered for years. Whether you are looking to throw a bachelor party or a birthday party, our experts will set everything right!

Book your party yacht rental in Cartagena today by calling us at +1 (305) 967-3672 or write to us at info@yachtysocial.com for more details about yacht rental!

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