The Yachty Social specializes in creating bespoke adventure vacations while incorporating a sailing experience.


Our aim is to evolve with current and future advancements within this exciting market, while making new developments in the global touring industry.


With a combined travel knowledge of almost 30 years in addition to 60 countries under our belt, we believe our experience in networking, tourism, events, and hospitality will be the next boom for bespoke vacations.

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About Yachty Social

How was Yachty Social born, you ask?

The Yachty Social came to fruition between two friends who are independently and jointly, avid travelers. Together, they have almost 30 years of travel and over 60 distinct countries under their belt. While traveling the world, they noticed a gap in the market for affordable, quality event production, and once in a lifetime experiences. After returning from their travels, they wanted to take all the good vibes gathered to create the ultimate experience — thus the formation of The Yachty Social!

What We Aim to Achieve?

We place the utmost importance on customer satisfaction. Our goal has always been to offer exceptional service and customer support, which is why we provide only the best for you! We bring well-maintained boats with incredible interiors, choice of luxury yachts, competitive rates, and customized yacht charter services in Cartagena for you. Our friendly staff will guide every step of the way to ensure you have an unforgettable yachting experience with us. When you deal with us, you’ll want to come back for all your vacations to Colombia and explore more of the Caribbean waters!

So what are you waiting for? Rent a yacht in Cartagena with Yachty Social to know what luxury yacht charter is all about! Whether you want to celebrate a birthday party, wedding anniversary, host a corporate event, or celebrate any occasion on a yacht, we can make it happen!

Connect With Us!

Want to be part of the our Yachty Family?

We are always looking to partner with fun, smart, and enthusiastic people. Whether you’re a DJ, photographer, videographer, skipper, hostess, brand ambassador, sponsor, or a Jack/Jill of all trades, drop us a line!

If you have a general question about Yachty Social and how everything works, fill out our online contact form to submit a query, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Call Support+1 (305) 967-3672

  • Robots don't do well on Yachts

Frequently Asked Questions

Exact itinerary is finalized only a few weeks prior to departure since we’re constantly trying to plan for the experiences that will be the most fun for our guests. Once the routes are set, we’lls send over the details so that you can really start planning.

Your daily activities really depend on the itinerary. You’ll be partying with your friends, snorkeling, soaking in the sun, stretching it out with some beach yoga, and/or exploring on a scavenger hunt.

Our itineraries are ever-changing and we save it only for our guests. You’ll have to book a cabin or yacht to experience the magic first hand!

You must be at least 21 by the time you board your yacht

Booking a yacht or cabin does not include the cost of food and drinks. If you have a hostess, someone from your group will go food shopping with her prior to departure. We highly recommend that our guests do their grocery shopping (food/drinks/snacks) on land prior to departure.

Airfare or other modes of transportation to our departure port is not included. Yachty Social may only be a portion of your vacation, so you do you!

A couple of days before and/or after is certainly common. Cartagena, Colombia is a vibrant city full of food, culture, and life. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to suit every taste and the nightlife will keep you craving for more. Just reach out if you’re looking for recommendations – we’ll point you to some tried and true accommodations.

Yes! If you ask nicely, the Skipper will be happy to teach you to sail the yacht. Be sure to listen intently on his/her guidance and instructions.

Yes! The Yachts are your home for the duration of your trip. You and your crew can sleep soundly at night, dozing off peacefully to the gentle waves.

Simply select the “Book a Yacht” option and fill out the contact details required for each individual. You’ll definitely get more bang for your buck if you book a whole yacht!

Yes, you’ll need to have your crew ratio solidified by the time you book your yacht. If you’re still unsure, reserve the maximum number of guys first, since it’s easier to switch out a guy for a gal later down line, but not as easy the other way around.

We restrict bookings on a sliding basis; i.e., if we see that there are too many guys booked for a certain week then we will start forcing the ratio. This may happen after a few weeks or a few months, so we recommend to book as early as possible! From past observations, our male guests generally book quicker and earlier, but we want to ensure there’s enough space for our female guests too so that the events are fun and balanced.

Yes, contact us by e-mail for if you wish to make any changes. Please keep in mind that you need to maintain the minimum amount of females that you listed when you booked the yacht. You can swap a guy for a girl but unfortunately not the other way around.

Ratio restrictions are added to future bookings when we see that we have a higher number of guys booked for that specific week, therefore you will need to stick to the ratio you booked with. The only way to add another guy is if you add another girl as well.

Yes, you can always reduce your guy count by switching for a gal. Just send an email to Hello@yachtysocial.com and we will make the updates accordingly.

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