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Best Yachting Destinations in and Around Colombia

Best Yachting Destinations in and Around Colombia


Colombia is a multicultural country that is also believed to be the yachting capital of the world. The country is rich not only in culture, wildlife, and landscapes but also boasts beautiful beaches and a brimming marine life.

If you are looking for top vacation destinations for your trip, then a visit to the Caribbean sea won’t disappoint you. Nature lovers, history buffs, and adventure seekers can kick back and relax with their loved ones and enjoy the lush sceneries and tropical weather. Here’s a guide to help you visit the best places in Colombia for the ultimate yachting vacation.

Explore the Caribbean Paradise that is Cartagena!

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Cartagena is one of the best places to visit in Colombia. The picturesque walled city with fairytale colonial architecture and blue Caribbean waters is an ideal vacation spot for sea lovers. The city takes inspiration from various cultures such as Spanish, African, and Latin American. You can explore the local culture, try exotic dishes, choose a luxury yacht rental to visit nearby places or relax at the beach. Cartagena is a cultural gem that every traveler should visit at least once.

Highlights of Visiting Cartagena:

  • Sail through Caribbean Water: You can select a luxury yacht rental in Cartagena to unwind and enjoy the crystal clear waters. Spend time with your loved ones and watch the mesmerizing sunset. If you love sailing, then boarding a luxurious yacht charter in Cartagena is an ideal way to have adventures at the sea.
  • Perform Water Activities at the Sea: On a luxurious yacht charter, you can perform different water activities such as snorkeling, sea kayaking, and sea diving with the help of experienced instructors. Watch the stunning skyline of Cartagena from the comfort of your cabin.
  • Visit the Landmarks of the City: You can tour the colorful city and visit all the nearby places on your luxurious yacht rental. Consult with a yacht charter specialist to plan your itinerary in a way that covers all the hotspots in the city.

Visit South Florida to Enjoy One of the World’s Best Beaches!

World’s Best Beaches

Another destination to earn its rightful spot on the list of best places to visit in Colombia is South Florida. With warm tropical weather, natural beauty, and pristine beaches, South Florida is the perfect getaway for travelers looking for a good time. From adventures at sea on your yacht charter to sunbathing at the beach, South Florida offers you amazing coastal beauty and stunning marine life.

Highlights of South Florida

  • Tour the City on a Luxury Yacht Rental: You can consult a yacht charter specialist to visit all the hotspots in the city, including Key Biscayne Island, for a fun and relaxing time with your loved ones.
  • Enjoy the Nightlife of the City: Besides performing several water activities such as fishing and windsurfing, you can also enjoy the pulsing nightlife of the city and savor delectable seafood.

Fall in Love with Colombia!

However long you spend exploring the coastal beauty, history, city life, or culture, Cartagena and South Florida are two of the best places to visit in Colombia. If you plan to visit Colombia, then cruising through Caribbean waters on a boat is an experience like no other.

Let Yachty Social Help You Plan the Best Yachting Vacation!

Yachty Social is a well-known name in Colombia, offering the best luxury yacht rentals in Cartagena and South Florida in a budget-friendly way. We have a team of experienced professionals to assist you in planning your sailing vacation and ensure that you have the best experience at sea!
Call us at +13059673672 or write to us at info@yachtysocial.com to learn more about the best places to visit in Colombia!

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