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Cartagena is the Home of the World’s Best Cuisine!


Cartagena is the Home of the World’s Best Cuisine!

Cartagena – An Ideal Place for the Best Food & Party Yacht Rentals

With picturesque cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and the deep-blue Caribbean water, Cartagena is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway in Columbia. You can choose a party yacht rental and plan an adventurous journey with your loved ones or relax at the white-sand beaches. Besides the luxury boat charters and sailing on the beautiful turquoise waters, there’s another reason to plan the trip to this walled-city- The scrumptious food!

Cartagena cuisine takes inspiration from different cultures such as Spanish, Latin, and African. You can enjoy the exotic local Caribbean flavors at local eateries, high-end restaurants, or even at the sea. With fresh seafood, locally grown fruits, and exquisite caviar, Cartagena is the home of the world’s best cuisine! From hearty fish dishes to spicy ingredients, check out the top 5 famous cuisines in Cartagena you should try during your stay in the city!

Top 5 Local Dishes You Should Try in Cartagena!

  • Ceviche
    Every restaurant in Cartagena will have ‘Ceviche’ on their menu. Ceviche is a favorite for sea-food lovers and one of the best foods in Cartagena. It is a technique of marinating sea-food that has citrus flavors and is usually served with shrimp and raw fish. You can enjoy the traditional version of this dish at many local restaurants in Cartagena. If you want an innovative take on this dish, you can visit the El Boliche Cebicheria restaurant.
  • Food & Yachting Tip
    You can enjoy Ceviche, prepared by a personal chef, on a luxury boat charter against the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean waters.

  • Arepa De Huevo
    A street tour in Cartagena is incomplete without tasting Arepas. Arepa is made of corn and flour which can be filled with cheese, spices, and almost any choice of stuffing you want. Cartagena’s version of Arepa De Huevo tends to be fluffy and has a golden brown texture.
  • Food & Yachting Tip
    Arepa De Huevo is the perfect mid-day snack to enjoy while touring the city or sailing on your luxury boat charter.

  • Sancocho
    The most popular stew in Cartagena is Sancocho. Every culture has its signature stew, and in Columbia, it is called Sancocho. This traditional stew consists of large pieces of meat, tubers, and fresh vegetables and takes inspiration from Spanish and Latin ingredients.
  • Food & Yachting Tip
    You can sample this dish bursting with flavors on a party boat rental or visit La Cocina de Pepina restaurant to eat one of the best versions of Soncoho in the town.

  • Fritanga
    If you are touring Cartagena, you will see Fritanga almost everywhere. Typically considered as a late afternoon snack, Fritanga comes in many varieties. If you love barbeque, Fritanga will become your all-time favorite. Served with beef, pork, or chicken and barbequed perfectly with some rice and crispy plantain on the side, this exquisite barbeque dish will open up your taste buds.
  • Food & Yachting Tip – Boating For Foodies
    Sail to the best places in Columbia on a luxury boat rental and enjoy gourmet food, specially prepared Fritanga!

  • Exotic Fruits
    Stroll through the streets of the colonial city of Cartagena, Colombia by sampling different exotic fruits, fresh from the farms. You can taste pieces of coconuts, papayas, guavas, mangoes, and pineapples in cute bowls, served by various street vendors.
  • Food & Yachting Tip
    Whether you are sailing on a luxury boat rental or exploring the key destinations’ fruits and juices will rejuvenate your spirits with a surprising punch of flavors.

Enjoy Gourmet Caribbean Dishes with Yachty Social!

Right from helping you choose the right party boat rental to prepare exquisite seafood for you, Yachty Social is a one-stop destination for all your yachting needs in Cartagena, Columbia. Our professional crew will help you with all the aspects of planning a memorable trip to Cartagena with a customized itinerary and other services.
Feel free to call us at +1 (305) 967-3672 or write to us at info@yachtysocial.com to learn more about our luxury boat rental in Cartagena, Columbia.

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