The Yachty Social specializes in creating bespoke adventure vacations while incorporating a sailing experience.


Our aim is to evolve with current and future advancements within this exciting market, while making new developments in the global touring industry.


With a combined travel knowledge of almost 30 years in addition to 60 countries under our belt, we believe our experience in networking, tourism, events, and hospitality will be the next boom for bespoke vacations.

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Day Charters

Enjoy the Caribbean Paradise with Our Luxury Day Charters!

day charters

Explore the Picturesque Cartagena in Style with Yachty Social!

With vibrant colors, clear turquoise waters, and the breath-taking scenery of the Caribbean coastline, Cartagena is the perfect sailing destination to unwind and rest. The city offers you the best sailing experience with picture-perfect beaches, stunning tropical weather, and diverse marine life. You can rent a yacht for a day and explore this gem with your crew.

Experience Our Luxurious Yachts

  • You can book our day charter as per your requirements. We can accommodate 1-2 people in a cabin or reserve an entire yacht for a group of 12 people. 
  • Our day charters include a hostess and skipper. 
  • We also facilitate overnight stays. You can rent our yachts for a weekend and explore the essence of Caribbean water.
  • Our specialists will tailor your itinerary to include all the hotspots to ensure you have a memorable tile on board.
  • You can also celebrate special events in style by renting a yacht for a day. 
  • For your pleasure, we also offer experienced instructors who can help you dive into blue Caribbean water and perform various water activities.
  • Whether you want to rent a yacht for a day, enjoy a 3-day fishing trip, or rent a yacht for a weekend, we have the resources to offer services accordingly.

Choose Luxury Day Charters for an Amazing Yachting Experience!

Choose Luxury Day Charters

Yachty Social features an exclusive fleet of luxurious yachts that come with several modern amenities for you to spend a relaxing day with your loved ones. Whether you are planning a 3-day fishing trip or want to have a blast over the weekend, our yachts are well-crafted to accommodate you and your guests. 

Sailing on a yacht is an unforgettable experience and our crew is well experienced to cater to all your sailing needs.

Plan Your Dream Vacation in Cartagena with Yachty Social!

We aim to provide you a happy and safe yachting experience that you will remember for a lifetime. We specialize in designing packages, arranging special events, and doing everything so that you can have a good time sailing in Cartagena. 

To get started with planning, you can call us at +1 (305) 967-3672 and speak to one of our experts! You can also write to us at info@yachtysocial.com to learn more about our luxurious day charters.


Generally Asked Questions About Our Day Yacht Charters!

How Do I Book a Day Charter with Yachty Social?

Our day charters come with several modern amenities to help you spend a relaxing day with your loved ones. You can book a day charter with us by visiting our website or after consulting with our yacht charter specialists. Whether you want to book our day charters for a day or more, we have the resources to cater to your needs.

Is Your Day Charter Kid-Friendly?

Yes, our day charters are welcoming for kids. You can consult our experts to choose a luxury yacht that is secure for children. Our trained crew will ensure that you and your family enjoy the Caribbean experience in a happy and safe environment.

What are Cabin Charters?

If you do not want to book the entire yacht for yourself, our cabin charter is the perfect option! It allows you to book a cabin for 1-2 people so you can meet new people while enjoying the Caribbean experience in a budget-friendly way. You can book a solo trip or a cabin for 2 and refresh yourself with the soothing waves of the Caribbean sea.

Where Can I Sail on a Private Yacht?

If you are planning a quick getaway in Cartagena, we will ensure that you get to explore all the key destinations such as Rosario Island, Playa Blanca, and others. We will help you design an itinerary suited to your tastes and make sure you have the best sailing experience!

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