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How to Bro out in Cartagena?

Bro out in Cartagena

How to Bro out in Cartagena?

The Ultimate Guide to Plan Your Bachelor Party in Cartagena!

While planning for a bachelor party in Cartagena, there are three things you need to consider- reasonable price, good weather, and beautiful women. Cartagena has all that and more exciting things to offer. You could hire dancers, or go to a nightclub, but honestly, isn’t that a little overdone? Instead, pack your bags and get ready for the ultimate Columbian experience that includes sailing on a yacht, in addition to exploring the multi-faceted city and experiencing the vibrant nightlife!

Where to Stay in Cartagena? 

Cartagena has various properties for tourists to stay and explore. There are different boutique hotels and colonial mansions in Cartagena that you can choose from. Research online and find a reliable rental property. You can also consult with trip advisors or browse through Airbnb to choose a hotel or apartment that works best for you.

How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party?

As the best man, it’s your responsibility to give your mate a night to remember before the big day. Cartagena has a lot of exciting things to offer for all. Here are a few activities that you can plan to ensure that your mate has the best day of his life!

Activities You Can Do in the Daytime

Adventure in Cartagena

  • Explore the Walled City

Cartagena has a rich cultural heritage with beautiful colonial architecture. You can opt for a horse ride to explore all the landmarks. History buffs can visit castles and churches or spend the day relaxing at the stunning white-sand beaches.

  • Go on a Trip to the Rosario Islands

Rent a boat in Cartagena and visit the iconic Rosario Island. It is one of the most famous places in South America, where you can experience the true essence of Caribbean culture. Book luxury yacht in Cartagena, blast some music, and go exploring the diverse marine life of Caribbean waters and enjoy various water activities such as snorkeling, sea kayaking, sea diving, and much more!

Activities to Enjoy Cartagena’s Nightlife:

night party

  • Visit the Best Nightclubs in Cartagena

If you think daytime in Cartagena is adventurous, then nightlife in Cartagena is full of life and vibrancy. Most people know Cartagena because of its beautiful Caribbean setting, but it is also the home to fantastic bars and nightclubs.

Your crew can visit Cafe Havana, Crazy Salsa, or Bazurto Social Club to dance the night away and enjoy a local night out.

  • Attend Different Local Cartagena Festivals

Cartagena has festivals all year round during the day and night. You can enjoy these colorful festivals with your crew and experience the Columbian culture.

  • Experience the Caribbean Bay at Night

There’s nothing like experiencing the Cartagena bay at night on a luxurious yacht charter with your crew. You can choose to rent a cabin or an entire yacht as per your needs.


Where to Eat in Cartagena?

Caribbean cuisine is a major part of enjoying the Cartagena experience. Especially, if you are a seafood lover, prepare to fall in love. Cartagena cuisine takes inspiration from European, Latin, and African cultures and offers you a variety of exotic dishes that you can savor at a local eatery or an exclusive restaurant.

You can enjoy your food with waterfront views and taste various traditional Colombian dishes such as Pollo Confitado, Arepas de Queso, or Colombian Empanadas.

To make your bachelor party special, you can consult with a yacht charter specialist and get a personal chef who can prepare exotic delicacies for you and your crew while sailing on a yacht.


Take Your Bachelor Party to the Next Level with Yachty Social!

Yachty Social aims at making your bachelor party unforgettable with luxury yacht rentals and a professional crew to cater to all your sailing needs. We have a fleet of luxurious yacht charters and experienced instructors to make your yachting experience more exciting. 

We will help you plan an itinerary to cover all the key destinations in Cartagena and provide you with special services like DJ, food catering, and photography to make your bachelor party memorable!

Call us at +1 (305) 967-3672 or write to us at info@yachtysocial.com to learn more about booking a yacht charter in Cartagena!

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