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Interesting Things About Cartagena That You Don’t Know!


Interesting Things About Cartagena That You Don’t Know!

Cartagena is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Columbia as it is culturally rich and has something to offer to everyone. Surrounded by the turquoise Caribbean water, incredible colonial architecture, and beautiful white-sand beaches, it showcases romance and allure that encourages travelers to explore. However, much about this walled city is still unknown to the world. Learn about the top 5 interesting things, and you may find yourself planning a sailing escape on a boat rental in Cartagena!

5 Fascinating Things About Cartagena That You Didn’t Know!

  • You can Visit a Mud Volcano

    Volcán de Lodo El Totumo is Cartagena’s mud volcano where you can take mud baths and unwind. This place is famous among travelers as it provides them a natural and healing experience. You can play around with your crew and enjoy natural benefits from the mineral-infused bath that includes removing toxins and healing skin. You can sail on a boat rental in Cartagena to all the hotspots in the city.

  • The Rosario Islands Near Cartagena has 27 Caribbean Islands

    columbia_Rosario Islands
    If you are visiting Columbia, you cannot ignore the beauty of the Caribbean Islands. Located near Cartagena is a collection of 27 islands collectively named the Rosario Islands. By hiring a private island rental in Cartagena, Columbia, you can visit all these beautiful places and perform plenty of water activities such as snorkeling, sea-diving, sea kayaking, exploring the coral reefs, and others.

  • The City is surrounded by a Wall

    Are you in awe of the beautiful colonial architecture and the cobblestone streets? The wall built complements the towers, and forts create an alluring charm that still captures the attention of thousands of travelers. You can admire the aesthetics of this colorful city from the top of the city forts or watch the sunset from the privacy of your boat rental in Cartagena.

  • A Beautiful Contrast of Traditionality & Modernism

    columbia_Cholon bay

    Framed by the mesmerizing Caribbean bay, you can enjoy the breathtaking views from the comforts of your boat rental in Cartagena. Also, if you want to explore, you will find that there are two contrasting neighborhoods. One is Bocagrande that is full of modern high-rise buildings, while the other is the old walled city that boasts historical and colorful Spanish architecture. These two contrasting neighborhoods may be different but complement each other and provide travelers with numerous options to try out new things.

  • A City Full of Festivities & Entertainment

    Bachelorette Yacht Party

    Columbia is a country full of cultural gems and festivities that you cannot help but enjoy. This picturesque city is no different. You can visit the city to enjoy various colorful festivals that are famous around the globe for their spontaneity and creativity. If you are a foodie, then you will love the food yacht events that you can enjoy in your boat rental in Cartagena. The film festival is one of the popular film festivals in Latin America. There are parades, dance shows, musical performances, and many more cultural elements that will make you feel as if you are living in a true carnival.

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At Yachty Social, our professional crew will ensure that you have a happy and safe sailing experience! With our luxury boat rentals in Cartagena, you can customize your itinerary and include exciting activities as per your preferences!

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