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Rent a Yacht to Make the Most of This Labor Day

Rent a Yacht to Make the Most of This Labor Day

We celebrate labor day to honor the work and the dedication of the American workers for our country. It has been a federal holiday since 1984. Most of the families think that labor day is the perfect holiday to spend time with family. This year, you can ditch the usual family dinners and plan something exciting like chartering a yacht in Cartagena!

The turquoise Caribbean water and the stunning hardscapes of Cartagena offer the perfect family sailing experience. Get a few helpful tips to make this labor day special for your family.

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Labor Day On a Yacht in Cartagena

  • Consult with a Yacht Charter Specialist:

    There are various yacht rental options available in Cartagena. You can speak with a specialist to ensure that you rent the ideal yacht that suits your needs. Yacht specialists are highly competent and have years of experience working with clients. They know what works best for you and ensure that you have the best sailing experience.

  • Switch off Your Phones:
    Labor Day is a special holiday that needs to be celebrated with your family away from all the distractions. Renting a yacht in Cartagena offers you an excellent opportunity to connect with your friends and family without any interruptions. Most days, we are so busy with our hectic schedules and a different lifestyle that we forget to emotionally connect with our families. Time away from your phones while relaxing on your rental boat makes for an amazing time.
  • Arrange for Entertainment Activities:

    What’s celebrating labor day without some fireworks? You can see fireworks from your boat or enjoy the mesmerizing sunset. You can also arrange some other engaging entertaining activities like games or sightseeing that everyone on the yacht can enjoy. Cartagena has amazing places for you to explore. You can talk with your yacht charter specialist and the captain to plan out fun activities like snorkeling or other water-based sports.

  • Make a Playlist:

    Music is the key to keeping everyone on the boat engaged. Celebrate Labor Day with your family by jamming to your favorite tunes. Explore the Caribbean water on your rental boat and make your sailing experience even more enjoyable with the right music playing in the background.

  • Pay Attention to Safety Instructions:
    While enjoying with your family and friends is fun, it is crucial to understand all the safety features. Here are a few things to remember
    • Pack essential medicines and know where the safety equipment is kept to ensure that everyone on board is safe.
    • Also, ensure that everybody wears life jackets while swimming or performing water activities.
    • After the orientation, ensure that your kids understand every instruction properly.
    • Wear water boots and pack light clothes.

Spend a Relaxing Labor Day Weekend with Yachy Social!

Are you looking to spend the perfect labor day weekend? Then going boating with your family and friends is the ideal getaway.
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