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Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Colombia


Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Colombia

Colombia offers sights and destinations that are a treat to the soul. From the beautiful waters of the Tayrona National Park to the vibrant and colorful capital city of Bogota, Colombia can offer you a vacation that is truly relaxing and rejuvenating. From boat rentals in Cartagena to free walking and food tours, there is more than you can imagine in Colombia!

If you are finding the best places to visit in Colombia, here is a list of the top 5 must-visit destinations, especially if you are a yachting enthusiast

Santa Marta

Colombia’s Caribbean coast is a must-see! Santa Marta offers a host of opportunities for those who love to sail and challenge the waters. You can also go sea kayaking, snorkeling, or scuba diving at Santa Marta. It is the perfect destination for yacht enthusiasts. If you do not own one, you can always find boat rentals in Cartagena, which is around 4-5 hours’ drive from Santa Marta.


One of the most romantic places in Colombia’s Caribbean! Providencia welcomes you with its emerald green sea, its cultural variety and richness, and a slew of activities that will help you have a fulfilling vacation. From hand-painted public transport to policemen that DJ reggae music, Providencia has it all!


Cartagena is Colombia’s most popular tourist destination. Dreamy and mystical, Cartagena has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. From cobbled streets to colorful, vine-laden balconies and from mystical churches to upscale restaurants, Cartagena has something to offer to each visitor! For yacht and boat lovers, you can easily find boat rental Cartagena for a day out on the sea!


Cali is the salsa capital of the world. If you are a dance lover, you cannot miss Cali! If you are not, Cali has beautiful churches, museums, parks, free walking, and food tours. Cali, in short, offers you a quick tour of a simple, easy yet fun life!


Known for the Carnival, which is the second biggest in Latin America, Barranquilla is located between Santa Marta and Cartagena. You can have fun in Barranquilla, even when the Carnival is not on. The El Museo del Caribe is a unique museum that offers insights into the history of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The town has enough sights and experiences to give a quiet and relaxing vacation you wish for!

Besides the destinations mentioned here, there are innumerable spots that you can visit for a quick vacation. From the beautiful, graffiti-flaunting alleys of Guatape to the Colombian Amazon, you can choose from different kinds of terrains. Colombia is blessed with a varied landscape that ranges from sea beaches to deserts and mountain ranges to picturesque islands.

If you are keen on taking a yacht or boat for your vacation, you can easily find boat rentals in Cartagena. If you need help planning an experience of Colombia, you can reach out to experts at Yachty Social!

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