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Top 5 Tips to Have the Perfect Family Vacation in Cartagena!

sailing on a yacht

Top 5 Tips to Have the Perfect Family Vacation in Cartagena!

If you think that yachts are only for bachelor parties and romantic getaways, then think again! Sailing can be a wonderful experience for families as well. Sailing yacht rentals come in a variety of budget-friendly options and kid-friendly options and come with modern amenities that suit all your needs.

If you want to surprise your family, then booking a yacht in Cartagena is the right choice. You can sail through the Caribbean waters and explore the multi-cultural and historic city to have a memorable time. Cartagena has several activities for you to choose from with wonderful beaches and mesmerizing sunsets. Read on to learn how to rent the best sailing yacht in Cartagena!

Top 5 Tips to Have the Best Family Sailing Vacation in Cartagena


  • Choosing the Right Charter Makes a Lot of Difference

    While sailing on a yacht in Cartagena can be the perfect getaway with your family and friends, selecting the right one can be tricky. Yacht rentals in Cartagena are available for different occasions such as bachelor parties, weddings, corporate events, and many more. You need to select one that is family-friendly and has comfy cabins for your kids to lounge in. A yacht charter that offers privacy and personal space with an experienced staff is ideal for a family vacation.

  • Understand all the Safety Rules

    It is essential to understand the safety rules while sailing on a yacht in Cartagena. With kids aboard you need to be extra careful with precautions. Here are some safety tips from our experts:

    • Follow every instruction from your instructor and your captain
    • Don’t let kids run on deck
    • Be sure to always wear a life jacket while swimming
    • Don’t let your children go swimming alone
    • Make sure that everyone wears water boots

    While the safety of your family is the primary concern of the captain and crew, you should also ensure that your children understand the safety rules clearly before boarding.

  • Pack Sensibly

    While packing for a family trip, people usually tend to go overboard. This should not be the case while sailing on a yacht in Colombia, Cartagena.
    Here’s a quick list to ensure that you don’t forget essentials:

    • Pack light clothes, including swimsuits for you and your children.
    • Don’t forget to keep essential medical supplies like pain-relievers or insect repellent.
    • If your children get sea-sick, be sure to pack medicines accordingly.
    • Keep sunscreen and other essential toiletries handy.
    • Carry your water boots for safety.
    • Ensure you have windbreakers and life jackets for everyone.
  • Plan Your Water Activities

    Cartagena offers beautiful Caribbean waters for you and your family to explore. You can also enjoy water activities such as snorkeling, sea diving, and more with your kids onboard. You can also explore the brimming marine life. Play games, go sailing on your yacht to beautiful islands, watch the stars from the yacht, and spend an unforgettable time with your family in Cartagena.

  • Explore the Beautiful City of Cartagena with Your Family

    With mesmerizing, sandy beaches, and rich heritage, there are plenty of off-shore activities in Cartagena. After sailing on your yacht, you can visit several breathtaking landmarks in the city. Try delicious cuisines, visit museums, and explore different neighborhoods to experience the magic of Cartagena with your family.

Trust Us to Provide You with an Unforgettable Sailing Experience!

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