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Yacht Catering In Cartagena

Relish Caribbean Delicacies on Our Luxury Yacht Charter

Get Ready for an Incredible Yachting & Luxury Dining Experience!

Cartagena’s food is a winning fusion of European, Latin, and African cultures. With the stunning Caribbean bay, Cartagena offers you the freedom and the luxury to explore as per your terms on a luxury yacht charter. While sailing through the sparkling waters and diving into the sea, you’ll also be able to experience the various Caribbean cuisine suited to your taste. Give your taste buds a treat with blended spices, herbs, and fresh seafood on a foodie yacht vacation with Yachty Social!

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy Gourmet Food at Your Fingertips!


Yacht food events are quite famous around Cartagena. To make your yachting experience unforgettable, Yachty Social brings you top-notch chefs to satisfy the food cravings.

There is nothing more relaxing than holding your glass champagne, savoring your favorite delicacy, and listening to the sound of calming ocean waves. Yachty Social offers you the opportunity to tailor your yachting experience and enjoy the yacht food events against the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean sea.


What’s Special About Yachty Social’s Boat Food Events?

  • We have luxury day charters with various modern amenities that you can choose from.
  • You can book a private yacht charter that can accommodate up to 12 people or can even choose to book a cabin for 1-2 people.
  • Our yacht specialists can help you explore Cartagena with a customizable itinerary to include all the key destinations and organize an amazing boat food event.
  • We have a professional crew that includes a qualified skipper and hostess to ensure you have an unforgettable day out.
  • If you love sampling exotic dishes, then get ready for scrumptious delicacies from our top-notch chefs. Our chefs will tailor the menu as per your preferences and will ensure that you enjoy a wide selection of Cartagena’s cuisine.
  • We also provide catering services for special occasions such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, and more as part of our yacht food event.

Enhance Your Yachting Experience with Our Luxury Yachts

  • Enjoy gourmet food on our luxury yachts with a well-trained chef who will prepare appetizing meals for you infused with Caribbean flavors and local favorites.
  • With the availability of several yachts with modern and sleek amenities, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you are a foodie, adventurist, or simply looking to unwind, we will provide you with a boating experience that caters to all your needs.
  • Make your yachting experience in Cartagena more special with our exclusive yacht food events.

Plan Your Next Vacation in Cartagena with Yachty Social!

Yachty social offers the best boating experience for foodies with exclusive yacht charters. Plan your vacation with us for unforgettable evenings on your yachts. Our professional crew will ensure that you have a memorable and safe experience on board.

Call our yacht specialists at +1 (305) 967-3672 or write to us at info@yachtysocial.com to learn more about our Boating for Foodies in Cartagena!


Generally Asked Questions About Our Yacht Catering in Cartagena


What are the Yacht Food Events in Cartagena?

A yacht food event is one where you can savor exotic dishes on your yacht while enjoying the stunning view of the Caribbean bay. Yacht food events are quite popular in Cartagena, and now you can book one with Yachty Social. 

Can I Customize the Menu Selection?

Absolutely! We offer you the opportunity to customize your yacht sailing experience, including food catering. You can consult with our yacht experts in advance and let us know your requirements. We will prepare the food with fresh ingredients as per your preferences and enhance your sailing experience with gourmet food.

Are Your Chefs Well-Trained?

Yes, our chefs are well-trained to handle all types of food requirements. If you are a foodie, prepare to give your taste buds a treat with our wide selection of cuisine. Whatever your food preferences are, our top-notch chefs will deliver the best experience and make your yachting trip in Cartagena memorable.

Can I Perform Water Activities on the Yacht?

Yes, along with exquisite food catering in Cartagena, we also offer you the option of performing water activities with experienced instructors. You can plan with our yacht experts and discuss the activities you want to perform such as sea diving, sea kayaking, and snorkeling with expert guidance.

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