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Yacht Catering In Santa Marta

Enjoy the Beautiful Caribbean Views with a Yacht Food Party!


Located on the edge of the Caribbean sea, Santa Marta is one of the most colorful and beautiful cities in Columbia. Santa Marta boasts pristine beaches and interesting history and also offers exotic local cuisines. If you are looking for a Caribbean escape, we offer luxury yachts in Santa Marta with exceptional yacht charter catering that is a treat to your taste buds and will quench your thirst for adventure. Whether you are looking for exotic cuisines to try or want to carry a range of excursions, we have the skills and the expertise to cater to all your yachting needs.

Get the Best Yacht Charter Catering in Santa Marta!

With time, Santa Marta has become one of the hottest destinations in Colombia for backpackers and explorers. If you are new to Santa Marta, you will be pleasantly surprised by the different delicacies that Santa Marta offers. Santa Marta cuisine is a mix of Latin and Caribbean spices that you must try while exploring this Caribbean beach town. To make your yachting experience memorable, we bring you exclusive yacht catering in Santa Marta to satisfy your food cravings.

Here’s What Our Yacht Food Party is All About:
  • At Yachty Social, we offer luxury day charters to ensure that you sail comfortably. You can book a private yacht for 6-12 people or book a luxury cabin for 1-2 people. 
  • We also offer you the opportunity to personalize your experience with our expert yacht specialists. You can customize your itinerary to include all the hotspots in the city and organize an amazing yacht food party. 
  • Experience true Caribbean essence by sampling exclusive dishes prepared by our top-notch chefs. You can tailor the menu as per your preferences and enjoy a wide selection of Caribbean cuisine. 
  • Want to make your trip more exciting? We offer experienced instructors to help you perform various water activities such as snorkeling, sea diving, sea kayaking, and more. 
  • We also provide food and beverages for yachts for special occasions such as birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate events, and more.

Make the Best Memories with Our Yacht food Party!

  • Get gourmet food at your fingertips and go island hopping on our luxury yachts in Santa Marta. What’s better than holding a glass of wine, sampling appetizing meals, and enjoying the stunning marine life of Santa Marta. 
  • Whether it is a getaway weekend for unwinding or a bachelor party to celebrate your singlehood before the big day, we have luxury yachts that cater to all your needs. Our yachts have modern amenities with sleek lines to celebrate your yacht food party in style!
  • We also have a professional crew that includes a skipper and a hostess to make your Santa Marta trip more exciting. 

Plan Your Next Vacation in Santa Marta with Our Experts!

Sail all the places in Santa Marta that you’ve always dreamed of with our fleet of Catamaran, monohulls, and others. Our luxury yachts are the pinnacle of inclusive luxury and feature exclusive yacht charter catering for a memorable experience. 

Get started with planning your dream sailing vacation with our experts by calling us at +1 (305) 967-3672 or drop us a quick mail at info@yachtysocial.com to learn more about our yacht catering in Santa Marta!


Common Questions Asked About Our Yacht Food Party!

Can I Book the Yacht for the Weekend?

Yes, you can book our yachts for the weekend. Whether it is a 3-day fishing trip or an overnight stay, we will cater to all your needs. You can explore the brimming Caribbean marine life while enjoying the scenic views of Santa Marta. 

Will You Provide a Personal Chef?

Yes, you can customize your yachting experience as per your needs. Our yacht charters catering in Santa Marta offers top-notch chefs to cater to all your food requirements. Our chefs are well-trained and will prepare your food with fresh ingredients as per your preferences. 

What Can We Do in Santa Marta? 

Santa Marta is a beautiful travel destination in Columbia. You can visit the premier beaches, go island hopping, explore its colonial history, enjoy exquisite local cuisine, and more. You can consult with our yacht charter specialists to curate an itinerary to help you explore all the hotspots in the city. 

Is Your Yacht Catering in Santa Marta Expensive?

At Yachty Social, we are transparent and upfront about our prices. Our yacht catering in Santa Marta is quite accessible. It will depend on various factors such as your food and beverage choice, the items on the menu, and many others. You can consult with our yacht specialists and we will come up with a customizable solution that meets all your needs. 

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